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Write the SAT Essay Right! (School/Library Edition) E-BOOK

Ten Secrets to Add 10 Points to Your Score

Author: Laura Wilson

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ISBN 13: 978-1-936700-36-3
Maupin House Number: 216e



Grades 9-12

Write the SAT Essay Right! is not your average-ho-hum-SAT-prep book, full of fluff and boring, useless stuff.

Instead, Write the SAT Essay Right! gives college-bound students the down-low skinny on the ten best-kept secrets to raise SAT scores. In an easy step-by-step way, students learn proven secrets, then practice their newfound skills. Sample tests to study and evaluate, key strategies, and lots of score-raising tips make this a must-have resource for conquering the SAT essay.

The school/library edition* of Write the SAT Essay Right! contains no write-in-the-book worksheets, making it a perfect choice for acquisition by libraries and for high-school SAT preparation classes.

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Write the SAT Essay Right! is required reading for any student gearing up for the SAT. Test-prep whiz Laura Wilson shares great advice—and 10 secrets—to help a teen build the skills and confidence necessary to crank out an essay that earns major points. She even provides a minute-by-minute timeline explaining how to use the allotted 25 minutes most effectively on the Big Day. Nobody is better at this than Laura."
Family Circle magazine

"Laura Wilson’s ten proven secrets in Write the SAT Essay Right! clearly map out the route to SAT success, one secret at a time. Easy to read and full of solid writing tips, plus sample tests to practice grading, this book cuts through the fluff to give you what you need to know for a higher SAT writing score." —William Holiber, President, U.S. News and World Report

"Each of the ten tips for writing a strong SAT essay is explained clearly and illustrated in sample essays. The preparation guide recommends students pre-select examples from history, literature, current events, sports, and personal experience to support their essay's position. The 15 recurring essay question themes, 18 graded essays, and a chapter on the ACT essay are provided."

-Reference & Research Book News, November 2010

"Many students struggle with the essay portion of the SAT. Inside this book, there are ten strategies for teens to create their best possible essay and reduce the stress involved. These strategies include preparing for the essay ahead of time by gathering data, memorizing information, creating specific essays and sentence structure, and finally writing several essays prior to the test.

Wilson creates a coach-player relationship in the beginning of the book, giving teens both the knowledge and the option to succeed. The first ten chapters highlight the strategies and show teens how to implement them. The SAT essay questions vary, but they often encompass fifteen core themes. The guide prepares students to tackle these themes by writing different essays. With their memorized examples, students then work on enhancing the essays with knowledge points and vocabulary. The rest of the guide provides sample essays for teens to judge and score, with scores and reasoning given afterward, allowing teens to acknowledge these strategies. The guide also includes a timeline for the twenty-five minutes of the essay, as well as common mistakes to avoid. The book is a valuable tool for teens to help prepare for the essay without overwhelming them. It combines the information in an easy-to-read manner with highlighted sections, post-it notes, and keys in the margins providing additional crucial points."

-Jennifer Rummel, VOYA Magazine, December 2010


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