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Learning Through Writing: Grade 3 (E-BOOK)

Authentic Writing Activities for the Content Areas

Author: Kathleen Kopp

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ISBN 13: 978-1-936700-10-3
Maupin House Number: 200E




Use writing to teach the content areas!

Check students’ content-area knowledge, writing skills, and critical thinking at the same time! Fun, authentic writing activities for language arts, math, science, social studies, and health/nutrition take students through the entire writing process, from brainstorming to publishing, while letting imaginations soar. This content-area writing series includes one grade-level book each for third, fourth, and fifth grade, offering the flexibility to pick from a variety of activities. Choose the activities from each grade that appeal most to your students, or use only the book for your grade to match your students’ skill levels and target grade-appropriate content-area topics and writing skills.

Each ready-to-go activity

  • includes lesson plans, extensions, rubrics, student worksheets, and examples
  • clearly lists objectives, materials and teacher preparation needed, and what prior knowledge and skills are being targeted
  • is easily differentiated to meet students’ needs
  • can be used on its own, with other content-area activities, or as class time allows
  • connects to national content-area and writing standards
  • reflects grade-appropriate language and writing skills

Publishing ideas, bibliographies, student checklists, and correlations to commonly taught writing standards and craft skills make this resource complete and easy to use.

You’ll never run out of authentic ways to make learning through writing fun.

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Table of Contents
Sample Lesson


"The children began reading their ideas aloud and feeding off of each other. From there, the students’ stories came alive. Honestly, my students have never been so excited to write!"
-Alyssa Anderson, elementary teacher

"Kopp, an elementary school curriculum specialist, provides 18 writing activities that teachers can use to help students in grade four learn language arts, math, science, social studies, and health and nutrition content, as well as a way for teachers to check students' understanding of these areas along with their language and writing skills. Activities include lesson plans, extensions, evaluation rubrics, worksheets, examples, lists of materials, and student prewriting, drafting, editing, and publishing suggestions. All activities are connected to national content-area and writing standards and reflect the grade-level appropriate language and writing skills in the CraftPlus Writing Program. There are also third-grade and fifth-grade books in the series."
-Book News Inc. Portland, OR ©2009

Look at these comments from the Learning® Magazine 2010 Teacher’s Choice AwardsSM for the Classroom Evaluations!

  • This is a MUST for teachers, especially those of us who aren't so good at it! Besides integrating curriculum—including technology!—having a rubric, time frame suggestions, etc., there is even a sample biweekly lesson plan! This book does it all!
  • Learning Through Writing presents the teacher with a series of writing lessons across the curriculum. At the beginning of each lesson, a lesson plan is written to guide the teacher through the teaching process. This makes use of this book very easy for the teacher.
  • The entire package! This is a must-have reference for all writing teachers. The format was easy to follow; lesson plans, suggestions, and activities were awesome. The content is timely and appropriate for writing teachers at the elementary level as students begin to do more content-area writing.
  • I really liked pretty much everything about this book. The format was easy to follow; the activities and strategies were very timely and helpful. I liked the variety of the content. A great tool for writing teachers at the elementary level as students begin to do more content-area writing.
  • Unless it can teach itself, I see no room for improvement. The product is all-inclusive with a variety of topics, products, and subject matter.
  • I wouldn't make any changes to this book. It's fantastic.
  • I learned that I can be excited about teaching writing! When I am excited, they are more apt to be excited!
  • I learned some new ways to introduce writing in the content areas. For example, one activity uses math symmetry and incorporates language arts via the use of adjectives and direction words. This helps the teacher reiterate the importance of writing across the curriculum.
  • I learned how to implement writing into every academic subject.
  • I learned how to introduce and teach specific writing concepts to the students.
  • Fresh ideas and approaches of ways to assess several skills taught in one assignment. Great time-saving ideas.
  • I found new ideas and different ways to assess several skills taught in one assignment. A twist to some of the activities that I have done.
  • There are so many different writing lessons that I am able to pick and choose according to what we are doing in an area OR just pick one for fun! Topics are definitely child-friendly and exciting for them. The students can be taught to use charts, pictures, games, brochures, etc. to enhance their writing and to make it fun.
  • As I plan lessons for each of the areas I teach, I refer to the book for writing activities. I have found many of the activities in math and social studies to add a special touch and meaning to my lessons. As I go forward with my planning, I will continue to use this book as a resource.
  • Some activities could be used in writing centers, as well as whole-class or small-group assignments. Classroom assessment opportunities can be found as well.
  • I would definitely get excited about telling others about buying this product. One look and they are sold, no matter what their subject area or age.
  • The state I teach in is pushing writing across the curriculum. This book is an excellent resource for aiding the teacher with ideas for implementing writing across the board. Additionally, some of the activities could be incorporated into center activities.
  • Fifth-grade teachers should have this product so they can help the students increase their writing ability while learning other skills.
  • I would recommend this to the upper-grade teachers because they have to practice writing and editing on a regular basis.
  • Excellent resource for elementary writing teachers.

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