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Constructing Meaning Through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Instruction (E-BOOK)

Author: Nancy Boyles

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Constructing Meaning Through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Information

ISBN 13: 978-1-934338-98-8
Maupin House Number: 116E



Grades 3-8

Nancy's comprehension and written response strategies give teachers the first-tier Response-to-Intervention (RTI) help they need to get students off to a great start!

Good readers think about reading while they are reading. But how does a teacher teach students to apply comprehension strategies as they read?

By applying the explicit teaching model to comprehension strategy instruction, Dr. Nancy Boyles offers teachers an easy, effective, and innovative approach to improve students' reading comprehension. Using her book -- rich with models, teacher-talk,and real-life examples -- teachers learn how to explicitly teach students to apply comprehension strategies competently while they read. And with Dr. Boyles' detailed lesson plans and templates, teachers can embed comprehension strategy instruction into guided, shared, and independent reading for both literacy and content-area instruction.

Constructing Meaning shows teachers:

  • A kid-friendly way to introduce and model a blended repertoire of comprehension strategies concurrently, so students practice strategies as readers actually use them: flexibly and as an integrated whole while reading.
  • How to refine students' comprehension of fiction and informational text during shared, guided, and independent reading with focused lessons in specific strategy applications.
  • How to monitor students' progress in reading comprehension and comprehension-strategy use through follow-up activities, rubrics with discrete assessment criteria, and questions that make kids think.

Teachers can reproduce classroom-ready visual supports from the book or customize them from the included CD.

Sample Downloads: Includes new Spanish translations of the charts found only on our website!

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NEW! Teacher Study Guide
Table of Contents
List of Tables
Instructional Model
Correlation to the Georgia Performance Standards

Charts in Spanish and English
» pp. 155-156: Spanish English
» pp. 158-162: Spanish English
» pp. 164-168: Spanish English
» pp. 170-172: Spanish English
» pp. 174-176: Spanish English
» pp. 178-180: Spanish English
» pp. 182-183: Spanish English
» pp. 185-186: Spanish English
» pp. 188-191: Spanish English
» pp. 193-197: Spanish English
» pp. 226-246: Spanish English


“I am an instructional coach at an elementary school in Colorado. I recently purchased your book, Constructing Meaning Through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Instruction, and absolutely love it; I will encourage teachers to purchase it as I feel it is well worth it.”
-Karen Brown, Littleton, CO

"Constructing Meaning is an expert and professionally written guidebook to honing one's teaching skills and bringing out the best in one's students."
- "The BookWatch," The Midwest Book Review, October 2004, Page 8

“Integrating writing with reading enhances comprehension (Brandenburg, 2002) because the two are reciprocal processes. Writing to learn engages students, extends thinking, deepens understanding, and energizes the meaning-making process . . . Writing to learn is an opportunity for students to recall, clarify, and question what they know about a subject and what they still wonder about with regard to that subject matter. Students also discover what they know about their content focus, their language, themselves, and their ability to communicate all of that to a variety of audiences. Without doubt, writing can optimize student learning of content subjects. Being able to express thinking in writing is a skill students take with them beyond the elementary social studies and science classrooms.”
- From “Writing to learn across the curriculum: tools for comprehension in content area classes,” by Kathy J. Knipper and Timothy J. Duggan, The Reading Teacher, February 2006 (vol. 59, No. 5, pp. 462-470.)

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