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Creating Readers with Poetry

Reading with Rhythm and Rhyme!

Author: Nile Stanley

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ISBN 10: 0-929895-70-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-929895-70-3
Maupin House Number: 114


Grades K-5

The message in Creating Readers with Poetry is simple and strong: Poetry helps children learn to read!

In this innovative resource, Nile Stanley offers you teaching techniques that transform reading from a two-dimensional world of boredom and frustration into a three-dimensional world of voice, movement, and artistic expression. He shows you how poetry supports the teaching of reading and allows students to relax and blossom.

His mini-lessons and engaging activity poems provide standards-based reading instruction that also build community, confidence, and enthusiasm. He includes a CD of sung and spoken poetry performed by noted children's poets and students to use as instructional models.

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Table of Contents
"Words" (poem)

Listen to the CD
"The Way to Woo a Poem"


"I just love your book!!...You had done a teacher workshop at a middle school and the very successful Poetry Jam here in Tallahassee last year...That time with you here was just magic for poetry. I just wanted to tell you that we really enjoy your material and will share your book and poems in it with other teachers here in Leon County. Last year I was just developing the poetry aspect of the council and for a summer workshop. It has really blossomed into a great workshop incorporating more than poetry. Poetry is one whole day. Thanks again for your book and all it has for us to learn and do. This year, I relaxed more when I read it because a lot of the workshop development was done and I could enjoy and let it flow. I am getting so much more out of it. Very great work! You are doing a great service to children!"
-Sharon Hinsley, past president of the Leon County Reading Council

"Creating Readers With Poetry represents an authentic perspective of educators, both at the university level and the public school level. The CD contains beautiful renditions of children and poets, and the book also includes many great poems that can be used in the classroom. Learning styles featured in the book resonate with the learning styles of many children, especially those who prefer explicit instruction in a creative, verbal, social, kinesthetic, and group context."
-Multicultural Perspective, Fall 2004

"Creating Readers with Poetry emphasizes the use of short poems to instill reading skills in children. The author, Nile Stanley, sums up his reasoning for writing such a book in the introduction. 'Poetry isn't fluff. It's the real stuff for reading that makes literacy come alive, especially for struggling readers!' This guidebook is filled with poetry, tips for both teachers and students, and skill building activities. As an added supplement the book includes an audio CD with each poem interpreted, using both adults and children. The book itself is a good resource for teachers or parents, especially for those who are dealing with children who are having difficulty with reading."
-Jammie Marie Schulte, Lane Education Service District

"If you are intrigued with the idea of incorporating poetry into your classroom but are not sure how to go about it, Dr. Stanley's book Creating Readers with Poetry is an ideal starting point. I found it one of the most accessible and 'teacher-friendly' books available concerning the theory and practice of teaching poetry . . . One of the most useful aspects of Creating Readers is the audio CD included with the book which contains many of the poems and songs excerpted. Some of the poems are performed by their authors, others by children. You can hear, for example, 'My Teacher Thinks He's Elvis' performed by Gary Dulabaum. (A poem my students consider wildly amusing.) Creating Readers definitely deserves a place on your professional book shelf. Highly recommended."
-Staff Review, Education Oasis

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