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Anytime Reading Readiness (E-BOOK)

Fun and Easy Family Activities That Prepare Your Child to Read

Author: Cathy Puett Miller

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Anytime Reading Readiness

ISBN 10: 1-4966-0096-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-4966-0096-7
Maupin House Number: 94e



 Pre K/K Parent

Your young child gets ready to read every minute of the day by interacting with you: his first and best teacher.

Make the most of those minutes with Anytime Reading Readiness at home, during chores, or in the car. You'll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the learn-through-play style of your preschool/kindergarten child.
  • Match your child's reading readiness level with easy and engaging games and activities.
  • Get the most out of reading a book out loud with your child.

Anytime Reading Readiness respects the reading readiness level of your child. Now you can integrate early literacy activities throughout your day without stress, fuss, or pushing your child.

Prepare your child to read any time.

Find out more about Cathy's companion guide for educators, Before They Read, and the Home/School Literacy Partnership Set.

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Table of Contents
Reading Readiness Checklist
Sample Activity
Parent Group Study Guide 
Rhymin' Simon Modifications


Anytime Reading Readiness is a must-read handbook for parents to put the fun back into learning to read without the STRESS! Learn why conversations are key, how reading aloud has been reinvented, and when listening skills grow with word play! Any time is the right time to teach reading readiness!”
– Stacey Kannenberg, "Get Ready To Learn Mom" and award-winning author/publisher of Let's Get Ready Series from Cedar Valley Publishing

“Cathy Miller is a genius. What, in the end, she is telling us with this wonderful book is that, spending time with your child, and allowing learning to evolve through play, is the surest way to create intellectually curious learners. Hooray!”
– Carmen Agra Deedy, award-winning children's author and storyteller

“This is just about the best book on the market for helping parents get children ready to read; practical, easy-to-use strategies support great parent-child interactions.”
– Susan B. Neuman, former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education

“If you want to turn your preschooler into a lifelong reader, you need Anytime Reading Readiness. It skillfully guides parents as they create a pressure-free love of language and learning in their child.”
– Susan Newman, Ph.D., social psychologist and author of Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day

"I found the book to be well-organized and quite interesting. Reading is an important part of our daily routine and I am always on the lookout for new activities to do with my children to promote this. I have a three-year-old and a five-year-old and they both enjoyed the activities in the book as they are always up for playing a new game. I loved that they were having fun and learning at the same time. Although they are at different levels, they both enjoyed partaking in the games at the other’s level. Even if my youngest couldn’t quite master some of the skills, he had fun listening to his brother do it. Among the favorite activities were clapping/tapping patterns, syllable recognition, and the rhyming games. At the end of the book there are very helpful lists provided that you can reference to find rhyming books, word play books, books that encourage conversation, and more. We have read many of the titles on the list but there are some that I will be looking for at my library the next time we visit. It is said throughout the book that “Your preschooler learns best through play.” (p.69) and I completely agree with that statement. Anytime Reading Readiness: Fun and Easy Family Activities That Prepare Your Child to Read is a great book for any family with a toddler and/or preschooler as it provides stimulating activities that your child is certain to benefit from."
– Kam Aures, Rebecca's Reads, www.rebeccasreads.com

"Avid reading is the biggest indicator of academic success; parents should be motivated to ensure their kids start early in exploring the world of words and books. Children’s literacy consultant Miller begins with a reading readiness scale to help parents identify how ready their child is to read. Assessment results coincide with suggested activities, which are clearly outlined and easy to do; young children will likely find them fun and exciting. Miller also includes a chapter on creating a literacy-rich home and offers a terrific resource list and notes. A small jewel appropriate for both home and library; highly recommended."
– Julianne J. Smith, Ypsilanti District Library, Michigan, LibraryJournal.com (December 2009)

"What a great resource for preschool parents! This handbook is full of tips and activities to help you prepare your child for reading as early as three years old. This 77-page book features ways to know if your child is ready to read, ways to create a literacy-rich home, tips for starting the journey, 17 fun activities to do with your child, book lists, and even a rhyming 'word families' list. I really liked the ample space in the back of the book to take notes, and really appreciated the 'Reading Readiness Road' guide. The 'Reading Readiness Road' guide helps you chart the signs your child is showing as to whether they are ready to start reading or not. It's divided by age and skill and is super easy to follow. The book lists in the back of the book are divided into sections like 'Delightful Read-alouds' and 'Books Perfect for Word Play.' Each of the 17 activities outlined in the book is easy to do anytime and anywhere. They take just a few minutes and would be prefect to keep your child occupied during a doctor's office wait or in the cart at the grocery store and at the same time preparing them to read. I am now teaching my third child to read, and I learned some great new techniques from this book. I was also reminded of the importance of a good read-aloud book as well as ways to make a literacy-rich home. In other words, have fun when reading aloud to your kids, and make sure that the children have books that are easily accessible and a comfortable space to cuddle up and read. We utilize a 30-minute reading time most nights. This serves two purposes: Encourages the kids to read as well as giving them a wind-down time before lights out. We also have what seems like a million children's books in our home. They are everywhere! But every time I try to weed out some to give away or donate (we do from time to time), I remind myself that the reason my children love books so much is that they are immersed in them daily. Having lots of books around is key! There are so many ways to encourage your child to read. No more stressful reading sessions during school time! Anytime Reading Readiness teaches you exactly how preparing your child to read can be great fun for you and them."
– Angie, My Four Monkeys blog, www.myfourmonkeysproductreviews.blogspot.com (January 2009)

"...a gentle way to introduce basic concepts to a little being who generally cannot stay focused for too long...The big plus is that there is nothing formal about these early introductions to literacy, so you child can do what they do best: play, which is proven to be the best time for your toddler to learn. This book is perfect for children who are about ages three and older. You can assess where your child is at by answering questions about their readiness and taking the lessons from there. The book also covers important information on how to best set up a learning environment, using noises like clapping and tapping to distinguish sounds, learning to listen, and determining when your child is ready for more."
– Jennifer, MyWeeView, http://myweeview.com (January 2010)

"This book is a fantastic resource for any parent and homeschooler...Whether you have already taught children to read, or are just looking for great interactive ways to make reading fun, this book is really a must-read for every parent. This isn't a book about 'drilling' things into your child or holding up flash cards to teach them to read...it's true focus is on how to enjoy reading with your child and make reading truly interactive and just plain FUN!"
– Gabby, Work of Childhood blog, http://www.workofchildhood.com (February 2010)


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